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OUR DAILY JOURNAL | #naturallyonira


January 11th, 2017

If you’re struggling to tame your wavy mane, then head this way. We spill all the secrets to help you learn to love your curls again

We think that there is a common misconception in the beauty world; that curly hair requires completely different maintenance and treatment to any other hair type. And while this is, sort of, true (when it comes to traditional, chemical-filled haircare anyway), our products are so pure and natural that they are designed to enhance and nourish every hair type. Yes, that includes even the curliest of curly locks!

So, we’ve taken on the duty of myth-busters; to put to bed this curly-hair-care fable once and for all! AND enlighten you about the benefits of natural, organic products, like ours; for big, bouncy, beautiful, curly hair…

As the age old saying goes: you always want what you can’t have. It’s just one of those things we have all had to come to accept – glossy, straight, ‘minimum up-keep required’, hair? Of course you’re going to wish you were blessed with a bold, curly mane instead. And vice-versa. Its just par for the course when it comes to hair, and a lot of other things, unfortunately!

Those curly-haired sirens among us know though, more than anyone, how much work is normally involved in taming and treating those, often unruly, tresses. It’s a full-time job. Or it was; until now.

Curly hair? We’ve got you covered!

Curly hair, as with all hair, looks its best just after a fresh cut – of course! BUT there’s a lot more to it than that. Girls (and guys) with curls understand the difference between curly, frizzy, lacklustre hair and CUR-LY, defined, bouncy, volumised hair.

And our sulphate-free, minimum lather, shampoo really is the stuff of dreams for curly locks. It cleanses and purifies the hair follicle and scalp without antagonising the natural character and vivacity of the hair; meaning less tangles and frizz but more definition and volume! Win, win.

Natural movement and life come hand-in-hand with curly hair. And if you’re not seeing those features enhanced or present in yours, then it’s most likely because each curly strand is being weighted down and restricted by chemical and toxin build up.

In order to get the best out of your hair, and rediscover its true power and potential, a healthy trim and product over-haul should do the job. Simply swap out all those suffocating, damaging, toxic haircare products in exchange for organic, nurturing alternatives (hint, hint); you’ll see the benefits in no time.

And for an extra-added moisture and shine boost, The Serum and The Oil are firm favourites amongst our curly-haired friends and green-beauty junkies. The Serum is a golden elixir, enriched with Jojoba and Caster Oils, which can be applied at any stage of your hair care routine, or blended with The Shampoo for an extra nourishing boost. The Oil is a sun, sea, sand and summer hair care essential, but can be used year-round as a nourishing protector for natural, unruly or incredibly coarse curly hair.