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Our story - Onira Organics
Jessica LeMarie Pires / @jessicalemariepires


As a mother, businesswoman and model, my lifestyle is very fast-paced. I’ve always relied on high performance products, that guarantee results, to see me through. But, a few years ago, after the birth of my children, my perspective on health, wellbeing and beauty really changed.

I became a lot more concerned about the future; being there for my children and adopting a healthier way of living. For the first time, I truly opened my eyes to the impacts that my personal decisions and choices were having on my own body, and the earth as a whole. I made a promise to myself, there and then, to make a change and adopt a more conscious lifestyle; that respects the earth and its resources, for all those living now and future generations

I introduced changes in all aspects of my life; from my diet and exercise regime, to the beauty products I was using. Yet, I was still left dreaming of luxurious, natural, organic haircare; that restored my hair’s condition, without surrendering my environmental beliefs. There just simply wasn’t anything on the market that delivered in all areas. So, I resolved to develop my own range and allow women like me, the world over, to rediscover the true youth and beauty of their hair.

Being of Greek decent, I have always felt a close connection to the islands and seas; and so, they were a natural inspiration for me when creating the collection. In my research, I discovered a Polynesian flower extract, known as ‘Ginger Shampoo’; when blended with Monoi, it possesses exceptional nourishing and repairing properties. This precious, organic blend has been a beauty secret passed down through generations of South Sea Island women, and is now a secret I am sharing with you. This exclusive, natural blend of ingredients sits right at the heart of the Onira brand and all Onira products.

‘Onira’means dreams in Greek, and after three years of research, curation and development, I am now so proud to share my dream, of creating a high-performance, environmentally conscious, luxurious and natural haircare line, that guarantees beautiful, radiant hair, with you

- Jessica LeMarie Pires, Founder, Onira Organics