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OUR DAILY JOURNAL | #naturallyonira


February 10th, 2017

From food and fashion to fitness, Onira Founder Jessica Lemarie-Pirés shares an exclusive look into her world.

Finding the right balance between living a busy, healthy and conscious lifestyle isn’t always easy. I have spent many years trying and testing all the latest, and supposedly greatest, beauty and wellness trends, products, shortcuts and treatments available. And here, I’ve honed in on the very best, and curated an exclusive list of my fail-safe, go-tos and favourites to save you the time, and hassle, of having to do the same.


Since discovering Tata Harper last year, I have been a fiercely loyal customer and advocate of the brand. Tata Harper products are all 100% natural, entirely non-toxic and they really work. My absolute must-have product? The Boosted Contouring Serum. I honestly swear by this product – it takes me from school-run mum on 4 hours sleep, to ready-for-anything business woman, instantly. It lifts, firms and hydrates my skin like no other… and don’t be put off by the price tag, a little really does go a long way!

I also absolutely love the Detox Brightening Fizzy Powder Wash, by NUDE. It’s filled with powerful enzymes, hydration boosting omegas (3, 6 & 9), natural exfoliants (rose hip and vanilla seeds) and protects against premature ageing! It brightens, detoxifies and polishes my skin.

Jessica Loves | Tata Harper


RMS has been my go-to beauty brand since converting to natural and organic products. RMS Beauty products are formulated with raw, food grade and organic ingredients in their natural state, allowing their living, healing attributes to penetrate and rejuvenate the skin. In their purest form, enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants and their healing properties remain fully intact, encouraging amazing potential for anti-aging effects. Sounds great, right? It really is.
RMS Beauty Living Luminizer Highlighter always leaves me with a super sexy, subtle sheen.


Bio Beauté Moisturizing Silky Lotion with Peach Extracts, By Nuxe is so intense, smoothing and nourishing – from the first time I used it, I knew that this was the body care product for me. It’s got a super high concentration of Shea, Mango and Coconut butter, which is rich that it locks in moisture but isn’t heavy or greasy.

Hair Care:

Yes, yes ok, I might predictable, but…
I use Onira Organics, of course. And why wouldn’t I? I designed and curated the range, alongside my wonderful business partner, and seasoned hair veteran Mathieu Clabaux, esepcially to fit into my busy, but conscious, lifestyle. Onira has completely changed my world; because I’ve been using the products exclusively for so long now, my hair requires little-to-no upkeep. Most of the time, I just wash my hair twice a week with The Natural Shampoo, follow with The Conditioner and then, if I feel like I need an extra boost, I use a pump of The Serum to style. In the summer, The Oil is my complete savior, though. It’s a UV, sea-salt and chlorine protector and is absolutely my number one must have when I’m on holiday.

Special Treatment:

DryBy London is so one of my favourite places to escape from the bustle and bustle of London living. Located on Mortimer Street, just two minutes from Oxford Circus, this hidden gem is one of my favourite places to get my nails done. Dryby’s super chic studio is spread across two floors – blow-dry bar upstairs, nail bar down stairs – and I always leave feeling relaxed and polished to perfection.

When I’m in need of a full-body treatment, I head straight to Urban Retreat in Harrods, for their Morrocan Hammam. The warmth and steam within the Hot Room open the skin’s pores releasing toxins, bacteria and impurities, and a full body exfoliation and massage always leaves my skin rejuvenated and glowing.


I do yoga daily with Sharon Heidaripour. Our sessions are such an important part of my lifestyle, as they help to both condition and heal my body. Sharon really understands my needs and through yoga, I have improved my flexibility, core strength and overall joint health. Yoga is so much more than just a physical act for me though; it really helps me re-focus my mind and energy.

When I’m in need of a full-body treatment, I head straight to Urban Retreat in Harrods, for their Morrocan Hammam. The warmth and steam within the Hot Room open the skin’s pores releasing toxins, bacteria and impurities, and a full body exfoliation and massage always leaves my skin rejuvenated and glowing.

My main fitness motivator though, is my Personal Trainer – Coupe (@coupe_dc). He’s only eats plant based food, so he really understands my lifestyle and diet. He knows what I am capable of and pushes me to achieve it – my workout sessions with him are always tailored and intense. We workout outside most of the time, which I love! It’s a constant reminder to me that you don’t need necessarily bundles of equipment or indoor space to get a really good work out. There are no excuses.


I love eating out (who doesn’t?), but there really is nothing that I love more than a hearty, healthy, home-cooked meal. My diet is macrobiotic, so I don’t eat meat, fish or dairy; my meals are focused around in-season vegetables, grains, seeds and soups. I have an amazing chef at home, Laurent, who always makes the most delicious macrobiotic meals! My husband and children have a more varied diet and Laurent is great at accommodating everyone. When I cook, my go-to dish is quinoa with vegetables and flaxseeds.

Jessica Loves | Tata Harper


I just knew I was going to love Jusu Brothers (Westbourne Grove) the second I laid eyes on the place. Their mantra: “Take care of your body. It’s the only place your soul has to live in”, creative, contemporary décor and the promise of pan-asian superfood that’s good for the soul, was all I needed to hear. I was hooked. I normally visit Jusu Brothers at least once a week, and I nearly always opt for the Dish of the Day. The Avo Chizu never disappoints either, though.

Holiday Destination:

My Greek heritage means that I’m always drawn back to my homeland. Mykonos is my favourite Island – it’s just so beautiful. I always feel so relaxed when I’m there.


My very dear friend, Athena, has the most beautiful line of kaftans, cover-ups, swimwear and dresses. The label is called Athena Procopiou and it is my absolute go-to for beach and resort wear.

Jessica Loves | Athena Procopiou


My favourite thing about modeling was the amazing clothes I got to wear; it definitely alighted a passion inside me. Fashion has been such a big part of my life for so many years, both professionally and personally. Maybe it’s the French in me, but I think it’s all about balance; sometimes subtle and understated, sometimes sexy, sometimes sporty, and sometimes a combination of the three.

I have a few standout pieces in my wardrobe, which I absolutely adore. And of course, I have my timeless classics, which have held a place in my capsule closet for many years. Right now though, I love Victoria Beckham. For sport and leisure wear it has to be Puma. I also absolutely adore Les Glorieuses – it’s my neighbour, Sonia Bronstein’s, label. Her pieces are chic, cool and elegant with a playful edge. I feel instantly uplifted whenever I wear Les Glorieuses – like I’m ready to take on anything.