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Mathieu’s top tips for happy hair

December 29th, 2016

Mathieu Clabaux guides the way; sharing his favourite tips and tricks to re-discovering the true power ad potential of your hair.


Before you can truly reap the benefits of our superstar ingredients, your hair must be free of all the chemicals that you were putting on it previously. Use The Shampoo to strip off all of the toxins and nasties, so that all the good stuff can get in. The beauty of this is that you get to understand your hair again; its true needs and its natural disposition.

Approach healthy hair care like healthy eating

That is, use simple, nutrient-dense products, like ours, to get results. Onira’s philosophy goes back to basics. That’s why we’re using natural formulas that do a gentle, yet highly effective job.

As with healthy eating, the benefits will not be seen overnight, and sometimes along the way, it can be tempting to stray; BUT if you stay strong, and stick with it, you will see results.

No detergent, ever

Detergents eat away at hair colour and the hair strand itself. Natural formulas, like Onira’s, get rid of product build up and clean your hair WITHOUT impacting its health. The beauty of Tahitian Ginger, our signature ingredient, is that it rebuilds the protective cuticle, even after years of detergent damage.

Moisture, moisture, and more moisture

Your hair is similar to your skin; in that it will always look and feel its best when it’s properly hydrated! The Onira Organics haircare range is designed specifically to help give hair a concentrated boost of all the nutrients it needs; without adding weight or leaving behind a greasy, unappealing look to hair. The Mask, The Serum and The Oil can all be used individual, or collaboratively, for a deep, intense, moisturising boost.

Better safe than sorry

Despite what these self-proclaimed wonder chemicals promise you; they are doing more harm than good. The best way to avoid damaged hair is to refrain from subjecting your hair to such harsh, toxic ingredients. Prevention over cure is our mantra. Treat your hair well; stop covering it in chemicals, get it cut regularly and always, always look and listen to see what your hair needs. Is it feeling brittle and over-processed? Give it a break from the dye. Is it looking frizzy and damaged? Step away from the straightening iron for a while. Is it dry or in need of a moisture boost? Give it a deep, nourishing treatment. The Onira Organics range helps to undo long-term damage, but to truly get the best out of it, and your hair, it is always recommended to make conscious changes where possible.

Take care of yourself

The last, most important, tip for having happy hair is to make time for you. The wonderful thing about Onira’s range is the chance to take a step back and really care for yourself. In the hustle and bustle of city life, we often don’t take enough time for ourselves; and in order to look and feel your best, finding balance is key.

Mathieu’s top tips for happy hair