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OUR DAILY JOURNAL | #naturallyonira

Meet our Creative Director: Mathieu Clabaux

December 29th, 2016

With a passion for hair health and over 15 years of experience in the industry, discover why Mathieu is such a pivotal part of the team at Onira.

Mathieu Clabaux is one of the outstanding hairdressers of his generation; with his role as Creative Director at Onira Organics being just one of the titles he has taken on in his 15-year long career in hair.

Organic by name, organic by nature: the story behind Onira’s partnership with Mathieu is just that.

Mathieu Clabaux’s life, and career, have been an entirely natural series of events. For Mathieu, a solid work ethic, unrivaled passion, undisputable skill and an infectious, charismatic personality have been the driving forces that have aided him in achieving his great success.

Jessica and Mathieu met organically, of course, just after Mathieu had returned from a 3-year stint in LA; working at one of the most exclusive salons in West Hollywood.

“I actually had intentions of creating my own brand upon my return to London, but when I met Jess, and saw how amazing Onira’s products were, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be a part of it! Onira quickly became a collaborative process; driven and fueled by a mutual passion to create high-quality, conscious products that really delivered on the luxurious brand promise – to revive and nourish hair, organically, while optimising its natural, beautiful potential.”

Already passionate about incorporating nature into his approach to hair, and inspired by the organic, health-culture that has become synonymous with LA, the clean-capital of the world, Mathieu’s return to London came at the perfect time.

As an accomplished hair doctor in his own right; Mathieu’s own personal beliefs tie in perfectly with the Onira Organics philosophy.

“To me, an organic hairstyle is one that suits the person and their personality. It respects the true nature of the hair, its movement and its condition. That mantra has always been at the heart of my approach to consulting and styling. Everyone wants to look beautiful, and if you don’t feel like the best, most beautiful version of you, when you leave the salon, then you need to find a new hairdresser. But, I have always considered hair health as a pivotal part of that beauty. I will utilise naturally occurring factors, like the sun, the sea, the seasons and time, where possible, and incorporate them into my work.”

Now, Mathieu can be found fulfilling his Creative Director duties, and as an Ambassador for the Onira Organics brand, in London; but he still travels regularly to visit his loyal clients all over the world.

Meet our creative director Mathieu Clabaux