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OUR DAILY JOURNAL | #naturallyonira


October 19th, 2017

Double cleansing isn’t necessarily anything new, we’ve been hearing about the importance of a two-step cleansing routine for our skin from our favourite Beauty Editor’s for a number of years now. But, how many of us are actually doing it?

We carried out an Instagram poll last week and it turns out that 45% of you are currently double cleansing your face. While 55% of you apply the two-cleanse methodology to your haircare routine.

But what is double cleansing and why do we want to boost the number of you doing it?
Double cleansing is as simple as it sounds. In haircare terms, it literally means washing your hair with shampoo twice, instead of once. Much like for skincare, it leads to squeaky clean, radiant results. The double cleanse revitalises hair and scalp, leaving both in optimum condition.
Not convinced yet? Here’s the science behind it:
The initial wash tackles the surface residue: product build-up, dead skin cells and natural oils. The second then goes deeper, once all the superficial dirt & grime has been broken down, the second cleanse penetrates each hair follicle right to the core and gets down to the base of your scalp.
Ever wondered why, when you’re at the salon, they will shampoo twice? Because, not only is it easier to work with and cut clean hair but, it improves the overall quality of any styling that follows. “70% of the results of a blow-dry come from the hair wash,” says Mathieu Clabaux, Creative Director at Onira Organics. So it’s not just for cleansing reasons that we should all be doing this, it actually does contribute to the manageability of our hair and overall finished look.

Why you should be double cleansing your hair

We know what you’re thinking – ‘oh no, not another step to add to my beauty/in-shower routine.’ But fear not! By double cleansing and ensuring that your hair is as purified and clean as possible when you do wash it, you will likely cut down the number of times per week that you have to do so.

Take Onira Founder Jessica Lemarie-Pirés for example – Jess has been a firm fan of the double cleanse, it all its forms, for a long as she can remember. She uses Onira The Natural Shampoo and never has to wash her hair more than twice a week. Jess simply applies a detangling dose of The Conditioner to the length and ends of her hair after her double cleanse and protects against heat damage with a pump of two of The Serum. The results? Luscious, light, shiny locks – with minimum upkeep.

So, are you converted?